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Questions to Ponder from Our PAL Asija

I have been pondering the following questions for quite some time. I also think that most of you are experts in science and/or the religion and probably both. I also know you are all very very busy, but if you have the time and the inclination to share your thoughts at your convenience about any of the questions, I will be much obliged send me an E-mail ( and I will be much obliged and if you are unwilling or unable I as an intellectual property attorney understand your reluctance.

01. Why and how is (or is not) gravity equal and opposite reaction to acceleration?

02. How is nature’s way of causing acceleration different from man’s way of causing acceleration?

03. What you always wanted to know about gravity but were afraid to ask.

04. Why is it that if you discover or invent a new way of causing acceleration, by definition, you will have invented a new way of creating gravity?

05. Whether gravity is attractive (PUSH) or repulsive (PULL)?

06. Why orthogonal forces of acceleration are independent and yet integrate-able by trigonometric functions.

07. How and why is gravity local? And why there cannot be any gravitational waves? (Or any non-physical waves for that matter)?

08. Why and how has gravity eluded such icons of science as Newton and Einstein?

09. What does the future hold including how can science paradigm be fixed and how can science resources can be better allocated for biggest bang for the buck.

10. Why is it that ?

a) gravity and atmospheric pressure are additive ( i.e. same orientation)

b) Gravity and centrifugal forces are subtractive (Opposite orientation)

c) Gravity and atmospheric pressure effect time period of a pendulum oppositely?

11. How to compute the magnitude and direction of acceleration of a body orbiting an anchor such as sun, black-hole, and pebble at the end of a string being flung around over one’s head, or binary star pair or centrifuge

12. Why is angular acceleration at par with straight line acceleration and why is its direction of angular acceleration from center of gravity to surface and beyond?

13. Why are not people on opposite end of the hemisphere upside down and why don’t they fall off the planet?

14. What’s the relationship between gravity and forces of Expulsion, implosion, centripetal force, centrifugal forces or any force according to Newton’s 2nd law of motion?

15. Why do we worship Einstein for saying the same thing that Aristotle said two millennia earlier knowing very well that Aristotle was wrong?

16. Why do we think valid science (or reality) can be determined by voting?

17. Isn’t science by its own definition always wrong because it is always waiting to be overthrown by some newly discovered contradictory science which appears to fit the prevailing paradigm somewhat better.

18. Isn’t science methodology prone to similar errors (limitations of language, faulty five senses, and reasoning and logic errors) as any other method of discovering reality including religion?

19. Why do we think atheist scientists have any chance let alone solve the reality puzzle with half the pieces missing?

20. Why do we think atheist scientists that rely only on 5 senses can outperform theistic scientists that use the 6th sense as well?

21. Can gravity and acceleration be separated any more than action and reaction are separable in Newton’s 3rd law of motion?

22. What’s the relationship (similarities and differences) between

a) Theist scientists and atheist scientist?

b) Main stream science and independent (dissident) science?

23. Why do objective scientists believe in such fiction as big bang, quantum mechanics, Non-3D mathematical theories like string theory, Delayed astronomy, Special and general relativity, Heisenberg’s uncertainty theory, Schrödinger’s cat and wave particle duality just to name a few.

24. Why do smart people like Richard Dawkins outperform all others in spite of believing in the fiction of macro-evolution ( non-biogenesis or evolution from one kind to another with enough time alone without additional information or intelligence)

25. Why do a drop of water and an ant behave differently on a basket ball upside down v/s on top?

26. Why do children in an amusement park centrifuge stick to the inner walls of a rotating cylinder even when the floor is lowered but they fall of if on the outside wall of the same cylinder at much lower speeds regardless of how hard they try to hang on without any help?

27. Why a person on the hood of a car (in motion) can hang on while the similar or same person on top of the trunk of the car (or on the roof the car for that matter) falls off at much lower speed? And why does this analogy fail when applied to people on top, side and back of the planet earth?

28. Why do atheist scientists deny science is a religion in denial? Or in other words in what ways any conflict between science and religion is everyday garden variety quibble between or among two or more religions or sects within a religion?

29. Are all independent scientists who disagree with prevailing paradigm scientists crackpots and if not what can be done about it and how?

30. Is it possible to discover a law with potential to contribute more to our understanding of the universe than Newton’s Universal Gravitation Law? Is there room for perfecting the UGL?

31. Did Newton inadvertently incorporate two errors in the First Law of motion (named after him) as recited in the Principia 4 centuries ago?

32. Is it possible that Einstein in Special Theory of Relativity got both Mass increase and time dilation backwards?

33. Is it possible to separate God from anybody or anything? What about those who do or even worse think that they have successfully done it.

34. Is it even conceive-able that absolute zero, one and infinity equal their reciprocals and all six are synonyms?

35. Does GPS follow postulates of special relativity or did engineers make it work by trial and error in spite of the wrong science.

36. In what way(s) our universe is negligible subset (as a bounded bubble having a one way membrane) of infinite virtual universe?

37. What did God do and why in the first two days of creation as delineated in Genesis 1 & 2?

38. Do we see as we see or is there more to it than meets the eye?

39. What 5 miracles make life possible? What 5 five miracles make vision possible?

40. Why is it more likely than not that Secret Mark is not a hoax or is it a hoax at all any more than Mark 14:51-52 is a hoax.

41. Why is DaVinci code as its authors state really fiction and cannot be anything but FICTION?

42. Why is there so much controversy about definition of marriage as between one man and one woman and why are so many people so much against Gay and Lesbians despised when it’s not their fault and why is this controversy absolutely unnecessary and unwarranted and is anchored in ignorance on both sides and can be easily obviated by educational enlightenment.

43. Why do paradoxes have a life of their own?

44. Is the controversy about conventional science and creation science one side’s fault or some mix (of course not equal) of shared ignorance?

45. How is universe geocentric when the solar system is not?

46. Is the anthroptimum principle in harmony with anthropocentric universe as well as relatively equal importance of the product (perceptible as well as imperceptible) of each of the six days of creation?

47. What are the 10 aspects of everything and everybody integrated into one body or one entity each?

48. What is the necessity and the wisdom if any behind dividing knowledge into silos especially in view of the “One Reality” and what re its implications for our educational system?

49. Are constants of nature really constant? Are the values of Plank’s constant (as we teach from the textbooks) even within the ballpark?

50. Did Einstein invent the famous (energy, mass and speed of light) equation often attributed to him accurate?

51. Are any of the following battles winnable and if so which ones?

a) Science v/s religion

b) One reality v/s multiple realities

c) One universe v/s parallel multi-verses

d) Right and wrong

e) Good and evil

f) Reality v/s perception of reality

g) Worldviews and/or religions

52. What is the relationship (similarities and differences) between OBE and RDE or is it just fiction like NRDE (Non Return from Death)

53. Why do so called Experiencers of Near Death (An obvious misnomer of course) confuse fewer dimensions of the other side with more (3D + Time) of this side of the two veils between us and them

54. Why do members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (AKA Mormons) teach “Families can be Forever”? If so how and if not why not?

55. Is Popes interpretation of the Bible always superior to that of laity or even non-members and worse yet of atheists recognizing very well that many atheists are better scholars of scriptures than theists if it is not an oxymoron?

56. What makes the Bible inerrant? Or do you concede that in spite of God being in-charge of the bible (what is God not in-charge of?) it has errors due to our imperfections.

57. Are 66 books accepted into the bible (Council of Nicaea convened by Constantine in circa A.D. 325 ) equally inerrant? What criteria did they use in selecting these books and rejecting many more?

58. Is the 67th book of Nature more or less reliable than the 66 books of the Bible canonized in the old and new testaments? If so why and how if not how come, why the double standard?

59. Where did the water for the Noah’s flood come from? If not from within our bubble of universe, how did it get here there or in the air? How did it get back to its source?

60. What’s the relationship between entropy and extropy (antonym of entropy) and what role does it play in how long is our sojourn on earth. Has either of them any effect on radiometric and other dating methods and so why and how?

61. How can we eliminate or even obviate arbitrary definitions and assumptions especially in our professional work?

62. How can there be any validity to conservation laws in view of

a) There are no closed systems.

b) Supply is infinite.

63. Why aren’t all constants including Plank’s constants limits like speed of light, rather than a fixed speed of 300 million meters per second or 186,000 miles per second or 300,000 Kilometers per second.

64. What is the relationship (similarities and difference) if any between Resurrection (especially those who are cremated or blown into bits in war) and Recycling?

65. How can random number generators, coincidences, serendipity, chance, luck (good or bad) be random when they all follow some variation of laws of probability and science of statistics and how are some people able to affect the outcomes remotely, by intention alone and many other related phenomenon to beat the laws of probability.

66. What are the implications for gravity when a bullet is fired horizontally and another bullet of the same caliber is dropped vertically at the same time, as they traverse differential paths but still hit the ground at the same time?

67. What is the hierarchy, interface and relationship (similarities and difference) between:

a) Body & Brain

b) Soul and mind

c) Spirit and intelligence

d) Body and soul

e) Brain and mind

f) Soul and spirit

g) Mind and intelligence

h) Spirit and body

i) Intelligence and Brain.

68. How do all of these (Body, soul, spirit, brain mind intelligence) work together harmoniously and how the hierarchy, interface, relationship and harmony changes during birth & death, near death experience and out of body experience and reincarnation in exceptional cases.

69. Do you think Satan has ability to intercept prayers and answer it to the satisfaction and even elation of the subject?

70. What’s in it for Satan? What’s in it for God? In other words what motivates them?

71. What are the sources of error in science and religion and in what ways are they different and why?

72. How can we arrange the following sources of error against frequency and gravity of impact?

a) Interpretation and translation errors due to limited Hebrew vocabulary for example Hebrew uses the same word for (i) Food and woman, wife etc (ii) eat and sexual intercourse, such that any translation from Hebrew could mean eating a meal or conjugating with spouse.

b) Faulty 3 P (Perception, Processing & Presentation) and 5 Senses (aural, visual, tactile, olfactory smell, taste) and use of 6th sense by some in some cases.

c) Assumptions and vague definitions

d) Limitations of language as a means of communication especially over long chain of people, time periods, languages, medium of recording, storing and retrieving.

e) Errors of logic and reasoning

f) Errors in equipment, experimental methodology

g) Personal worldview and religion

h) Confusion between Good and evil.

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