My organization was originally incorporated in Dayton Ohio in 1974 as Asija Associates but it was later unincorporated. In 2002 it was incorporated again as OUR PAL LLC in the State of Connecticut.

I have worked for many large organizations, including NCR. ITT, E-Systems, TI and UTC. To obviate fears of layoffs, I finally started my own company. I am now happy to announce that there has never been a layoff in my company, which you can appreciate as you examine the organization chart of my company on the next sheet.

Notwithstanding that the organization chart is prepared tongue-­in-cheek, I am licensed and competent to perform or have performed all these functions and more, including mediation, arbitration and even litigation as a last resort.

The organization chart obeys all of the federal, state and local laws, ordinances, rules and regulations. The only problem is that once in a while I am accused of violating the affirmative action program. Therefore my next employee will be an ethnic minority female.

Asija Associates was unincorporated in 1974 soon after it was incorporated in 1972 because I could not afford the double taxation, franchise taxes and lots of other bureaucratic, small business back­breaking regulations. Even though I incorporated as a sole proprietor, I had to hire a secretary and a treasurer for its dissolution.

One of the reasons I started my company was to provide affordable intellectual property services. Like God and the President of the United States, I work from my home but that’s where the similarity ends. I have extremely low overhead. I use automation and technology to the optimum extent. I pass on these savings to my clients. You can get a free intellectual property information kit including a free gift (such as a scroll PEN PAL or a sample of MAGICFOLD® and a video resume upon request.

Another reason I started my own company is, back in the late 60s, I invented a natural language software program that I wanted to patent, but all the patent attorneys told me that software is not patentable. I had a conviction in my heart that it ought to be patentable because the same function is patentable in hardware. So I went to school. I passed the patent bar and applied for my patent in 1974. In 1981 the patent issued. Because of my success with my own patent, I decided to help other inventors.

If you would like a different perspective on my organization chart story, then please read pages 91-93 of the book “The Marketing Sourcebook for Small Business” by Jeffrey P. Davidson (John Wiley 1989) In fact I am featured in five books not authored by me.